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Mr Incredible & Pals

The episode begins with Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Mr. Skipperdoo filling the viewers in on previous events. An evil villainess named Lady Lightbug (described by Mr. Incredible as "sinister, yet lovely") has stolen the West River Bridge, leaving cars stuck on both sides of the river. Resolving to amend the situation, Frozone builds a temporary bridge of ice, and the three skate away to find their nemesis.

Arriving at an abandoned funfair, Mr. Incredible searches for Lady Lightbug by lifting up various objects while stating that she is not under any of them. Mr. Skipperdoo hops to point out that the missing bridge is above him. Suddenly, Lady Lightbug flies out and informs them all of her evil plan to steal the free world's bridges, creating massive traffic jams and thus destroying their economies.

She then proceeds to shoot a line of radioactive silk out of her abdomen, ensnaring Frozone and leaving all as lost. Mr. Incredible throws a Ferris wheel at her, to which she dodges. He then hops in a roller coaster, which takes off flying toward Lady Lightbug. Mr. Incredible then knocks her out of the air, defeating her.

The missing bridge is restored and everything returns to normal thanks to Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Mr. Skipperdoo; Mr. Incredible adds, "and democracy." The end of the episode features a brief teaser of the next episode which features a gigantic anthropomorphic ear of corn yelling, “I’ll crush you, Mr. Incredible!” before laughing evilly as the two prepare to fight.

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