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I'm Jeffrey Gillespie, a huge movie fan. From the very moment, I saw my very first Pixar film I was hooked. So I kept going, I thought I'd give up when I was older but they kept getting better and better. My favourite film is probably Toy Story.  I started the FPFO in August 2017 as a way to bring fans together and discuss what we love.

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Terry Cooper was born in London in 1969 and moved to South Wales in 1980. In the 1990’s, he enjoyed a brief period in the music business with his band Best Shot, who supported East 17 on tour around the UK. Terry then went back to his artistic roots and worked for various film and television companies.

Terry released his first novel, ‘Kangazang: Remote Possibilities’ in 2008 as the beginning of the now complete Kangazang trilogy. He is currently finishing off his first feature film, Offworld, and is now writing a second film entitled, WOW: Way Out West.


“I’ve always been fascinated with animation, and PIXAR took it to the next level. I watched Toy Story in the cinema and was blown away. Not only by the sheer technical achievement, but by the huge amount of heart in the storytelling and characterisation. My dream is to one day make an animated movie in the Pixar Style.”

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