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Mike's New Car

Mike is obsessed with his new six-wheel drive car, and happily insists on showing it off to Sulley. Unfortunately for Mike, anything that can go wrong does. Sulley plays with the adjustable power seat until an annoyed Mike snaps at him to stop. Mike starts the engine and hears the seatbelt reminder tone sound off.

Although Sulley manages to get his seatbelt on easily, Mike finds his seatbelt stuck and accidentally locks himself out of the car while falling out trying to unstick it. Mike instructs Sulley to push a button so he can get back in. Sulley, confused by the massive amount of buttons on the dashboard, pushes the one that opens the hood. When Mike goes over to close it, he is unable to reach it. Sulley helps him close the hood but accidentally closes it on Mike's fingers, which causes him to scream in pain. Sulley helps Mike get free only to trap him in the engine compartment completely.

Mike calls Sulley on his cell phone and instructs him to open the hood again. When he does this, Mike manages to escape. Upon re-entering the car, he is exasperated by the continuous seatbelt reminder tone. Mike manages to put his seat-belt on, but the windshield wipers get turned on, much to his frustration. As Sulley tries to help, Mike tells him not to touch anything and decides to do it himself.

Mike pushes a button that launches the entire car into chaotic malfunction, including Latin conga music playing loudly on the car's stereo system.

Mike finally ends the chaos by pulling the key out of the ignition, but then Sulley adds insult to injury by accidentally breaking the rearview mirror in an attempt to realign it. Now at his wit's end, Mike forces Sulley out of the car and speeds away, destroying the car completely. Sulley mutters, "Hmm, that's weird. The airbag didn't go off."

Right as he finishes saying this, the airbag inflates, and its force sends Mike flying back up the street. Sulley catches him, Mike mourns his old car before agreeing to walk with Sulley to work while the credits roll.

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