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George and A.J.

The short starts out with a scene from Up, where two nurses from the Shady Oaks Retirement Village knock on Carl Fredricksen's door to escort him to the nursing home. As seen in the film, Carl instead takes off in his house, while Russell braces himself underneath it. George and A.J. stare dumbfounded at the sky while their van's alarm goes off (it had been bumped by Carl's house).

They continue to stare dumbfounded when they return to the van, and in bed during the night. The next day, a news reporter does a story about sightings of a floating house. She attempts to get George and A.J.'s opinion, but they are still staring dumbfounded. Meanwhile, other senior citizens around the city, including at Shady Oaks, are watching the news report and celebrating Carl's "escape".

A week later, George and A.J. are back at their task of escorting elderly citizens to Shady Oaks in their van. Unfortunately, the seniors have gotten ideas from what Carl did, and every time George and A.J. come to a house to take a person away, the senior living there escapes with their house somehow. Finally, they arrive back at the Shady Oaks Retirement Village, only to find an old man outside the door who yells "So long, suckers!" and hits his cane against one of many canisters attached to the outside of the building; the other canisters soon follow and spew out a powerful gas.

After the man goes inside, the entire building launches into the sky. Still dumbstruck, George and A.J. stare up. A few canisters fall down, and one lands on their van, setting off its alarm again. Suddenly, from behind them, a giant blimp starts to descend. It turns out to be Charles Muntz's Spirit of Adventure dirigible, and Carl is flying it with Russell next to him. The airship lands on top of the van, crushing it and causing to effectively stop its alarm.

Carl and Russell climb out and George incredulously says "Mr. Fredricksen?" They walk past the nurses, and Russell mentions that next time he would like to steer. A.J. turns to George and says "That was the craziest thing I've ever seen!" They look down to find Dug in front of them. Dug speaks "Hi there!" through his collar, and George and A.J. are even more shocked than before.

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