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Dug's Special Mission

It is Dug's birthday. This ordinary Golden Retriever wishes that it will be the happiest day of his life, when suddenly, Kevin runs over him and the pack leaders - Alpha (a Doberman Pinscher), Beta (a Rottweiler) and Gamma (a Bulldog) - run into Dug. Irritated with Dug for getting in their way, they come up with "special missions" for Dug to help capture the bird. However, these are just plots to keep Dug out of their way.

First, Alpha assigns Dug to watch a large rock and make sure it doesn't move, because it is "the bird's favorite rock". Dug accidentally causes a pebble to roll down an incline and topple the large boulder, which nearly crushes Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Next, Dug is told to sit in a hole, in which Alpha claims it's the "birds favorite hole" and not to leave it. Dug sits in it, but the sand he's sitting on is quicksand and he and the sand land on Alpha, Beta and Gamma at the spot they were trying to catch the bird.

Dug is then assigned to sit on a rock; when he jumps onto the rock, following Alpha's orders, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and the rock they're standing on all start to fall. Numerous scenes follow of Alpha, Beta and Gamma getting caught or captured by traps intended for Kevin, due to actions of Dug as a result of commands given to him by Alpha: Alpha tells Dug to move, in which they get trapped in a net, Alpha tells Dug to move, but Dug accidentally steps on a pebble, which fires tranquilizer darts (one of them hits Beta), last, Dug and the dogs step on tall rock statues, but they all fall over. Dug, Beta and Gamma made it, but Alpha falls down with the statues.

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