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Burn E

While clinging to the ship carrying EVE back to the Axiom as shown in the original film, WALL-E runs his hand through the Rings of Saturn. The opening caption reads that WALL-E is 821,190,000 miles away from Earth at this time, which is the current distance of Saturn from Earth. One rock particle gains enough speed to become a meteorite, which collides with a running light on the Axiom and destroys it. Seeing this, AUTO activates SUPPLY-R (Spare Ultra Plottic Pandron Yorth Ranger), who is a SUPPLY-series storage unit maintenance computer that dispenses spare spire lamps. She then dispatches BURN-E to repair the damage. BURN-E shuts off the power supply to the broken light and gets a new one from SUPPLY-R, but while he is preparing to weld it in place, EVE's ship docks with the Axiom; distracted by the set to self-destruct.

The explosion of the pod startles BURN-E into slicing through the base of the light with his blowtorch, destroying it. Annoyed by this second failure, SUPPLY-R drops his last spare light on the floor in front of BURN-E, who successfully installs it. As he finishes, WALL-E and EVE fly back into the Axiom after their dance in space and the hatch closes behind them, locking BURN-E out, as seen in the original movie. Sometime later, an airlock opens to jettison garbage and nearly ejects WALL-E and EVE as well; BURN-E hurries to the airlock, but it closes again before he can reach it. Still later, while playing with his blowtorch, BURN-E realizes that he can use it to cut through the hatch and re-enter the Axiom.

Once inside, he prepares to restore power to the repaired light, but the fight between Captain McCrea and AUTO causes the ship to lift and send BURN-E sliding out through the hole he cut. As he grabs hold of the light to avoid being thrown into space, McCrea shuts down AUTO and manually rights the ship for its hyperspace return to Earth, triggered by the plant WALL-E found. The speed of the journey pins BURN-E against the hull until the Axiom lands on Earth, after which he finds it deserted. Spotting SUPPLY-R through the window of an escape pod, he accidentally launches it which he is inside to slam into the ground.

Un-hatching the pod, he turns on the light and begins to celebrate, only for the hatch to crush it. Frustrated, BURN-E collapses among the newly returned robots.

During the credits, we listen to a mezzo piano (mp) tone of the song “Symphony No. 9 (Ode To Joy)” conducted/orchestrated by Ludwig van Beethoven.

In a post-credits scene, SUPPLY-R consoles BURN-E by patting him on the head and saying "There, there." in a dull monotone.

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