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Toy Story 2

Andy prepares to go to cowboy camp with Woody, but accidentally tears Woody's arm during playtime. Andy leaves without him, and Woody later finds Wheezy, a squeeze toy penguin with a broken squeaker. When Andy's mother puts Wheezy in a yard sale, Woody rescues him from being sold, but is stolen in the process by a greedy toy collector named Al McWhiggin (the owner of Al's Toy Barn). Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and Rex set out on a mission to rescue Woody.

At Al's apartment, Woody learns he is based on the main character of a 1950s TV show called Woody's Roundup and, along with Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete the Prospector (the other characters in his show), they are set to be sold to a museum in Tokyo, Japan, but Woody intends to return to Andy, earning him Jessie's ire. Prospector explains the museum is only interested in the collection if it is complete, and without Woody, they will be returned to storage. Al accidentally rips Woody's arm off completely while planning a photograph of the Roundup gang, so he calls a toy cleaner to come the next morning to fix him. That night while Al is sleeping, Woody attempts to retrieve his arm and escape, but his attempt is sabotaged when Al's television turns on, waking up Al in the process, and he angrily blames Jessie when he finds the TV remote in front of her.

The next day, the toy cleaner arrives and reattaches Woody's arm. Woody discovers that Jessie once belonged to a girl named Emily, who eventually outgrew her and gave her away. Prospector warns Woody the same fate awaits him when Andy grows up, whereas he would last forever in the museum. Woody decides to stay, much to the delight of the others. Meanwhile, Buzz and the others reach Al's Toy Barn. While searching for Woody, Buzz is imprisoned in a cardboard box by a Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear action figure, believing Buzz is a rogue space ranger. Utility Belt Buzz then joins the other toys, who mistake him for Andy's Buzz. After discovering Al's plan, they enter his apartment building through the elevator shaft. Andy's Buzz escapes and pursues them, but inadvertently frees an Evil Emperor Zurg action figure, who follows Buzz with the intent of destroying him.

IMDB Cast - Toy Story 2

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