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Sanjay's Super Team

An inter-title card at the start of the short states that it is based on a (mostly) true story.

A young boy, Sanjay, is watching his favorite superhero show, Super Team, at home and sketching its characters in his notebook. At the same time, his father is trying to meditate at a small Hindu shrine in the same room.

Each is annoyed by the sounds of the other's activity until Sanjay's father turns off the television, confiscates his son's Super Team action figure, and makes him participate in prayer. Sanjay retrieves the toy while his father is distracted, but accidentally sets its cape on fire from the shrine's oil lamp.

While putting out the cape, he extinguishes the lamp as well and is transported to a temple with three stone statues. Suddenly, a demon-figure similar to Ravana appears and begins to steal the statues' weapons. Sanjay breaks the light-up mechanism in his toy and uses it to ignite the giant lamp in the middle of the room, bringing the statues to life as the gods Vishnu, Durga, and Hanuman. The gods begin to fend off the demon’s attacks and ring their bells to drive him back, but he retaliates, destroying their bells.

Sanjay recognizes the giant lamp as an upside-down bell and breaks his toy on it to ring it aloud, calming the demon so that he departs the temple. Sanjay receives a new toy from Vishnu as well as his blessing, then finds himself back in the real world, the cape on his action figure intact. His father returns the remote control, disappointed at his son's lack of interest in their cultural traditions. Instead of turning the television on, Sanjay begins drawing in his notebook and surprises his father with a new sketch: the gods from his daydream watching over the Super Team heroes.

The story ends with real life pictures of Sanjay Patel and his father, during his childhood and in the present day.

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