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Pixar Popcorn

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Season 1

1 - To Fitness and Beyond

The short begins with Buzz Lightyear dancing in fitness style in front of a boombox, pointing to Rex attempting to do push-ups. As Buzz does sit-ups, he points to Hamm doing the same thing.

Buzz then does squats as he points to Forky who tries to copy him, followed by Buzz doing lunges with Dolly trying to keep up and Buzz doing sidesteps with Mr. Potato Head and Bitey White copying him, much to Buzz noticing this. Buzz also notices the Little Green Men and Forky attempting to copy him followed by Mr. Pricklepants reading a cookbook.

A disappointed Buzz Lightyear turns off the music in gloom, until he notices the toys in Bonnie's house exercising just what Buzz taught them just as Buzz joins everyone exercising. The short ends when the toys at Bonnie's house leap into the air with enthusiasm and joy.

2 - Unparalleled Parking

At the Cozy Cone Motel, Sheriff sets up a parking test for the cars. Guido then demonstrates how to park successfully without knocking over a half ring of cones.

Lizzie goes first, but fails her test by knocking over three cones (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its red light on it). Lightning McQueen comes up next and passes his test gallantly (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its green light on it). Chick Hicks comes up next and tries to pass like Lightning, but gets enraged after tipping one of the cones just as Chick angrily knocks over the cones, failing his test.

Ramone comes up next and tries to pass the test without knocking over the cones just as he lifts his hydraulics, followed by Luigi and Guido parking under him, causing Ramone to pass the test. Mater follows up and tiptoes to pass the test like what Lightning McQueen did to which he successfully passes it.

Suddenly, Miss Fritter passes by and speeds past the area where the cars practice without hitting any the cones just as she knocks over all the cones and the parking sign, causing her to fail the test. Lizzie comes back and Guido puts the parking sign on the spot where Miss Fritter knocked all of the cones, causing her to pass the test successfully.

3 - Dory Finding

In the ocean, Dory swims past a whistle lying down on the seabed just as she curiously examines it and becomes excited after blowing the whistle and seeing a bubble in the air, Dory pops it. All of a sudden, Dory has fun playing with the object she found while popping the bubbles she made using the whistle.

After Dory pops a huge bubble she made from the whistle, she wins away and grabs a pair of red glasses, using the object to look at a hermit crab just as she has fun seeing things while wearing glasses until a school of fish swims past her, causing her to drop her glasses and land it on the spot where the hermit crab is.

As Dory looks at the mirror seeing her own reflection, she suddenly puts a conch shell on her head while practicing whale sounds much to a nearby fish looking at her just before she swims away. Passing through a group of bottles, Dory blows on the bottles she swims past, causing crabs to appear in each bottle and as she blows hard, various crabs in the one of bottles burst out just as the Dory sees the crabs raining around her.

4 - Soul of the City

Set in New York City, the episode begins with Joe Gardner leaving his apartment carrying his briefcase with him, followed by Dorothea Williams sitting on stage at the Half Note Club with her saxophone, alongside a police officer directing traffic on the street.

Elsewhere in the barbershop, Dez gives a satisfied boy a lollipop, followed by Curley eating a slice of pizza in delight, continued with Moonwind meditating on a bench at the park as a pigeon looks at him alongside a hospital where Joe's doctor and his fellow nurse rush a patient across the hallway.

The following images has Connie gazing at the sunlight in a subway trains followed by the street musician collecting coins for his guitar case before leaving, and Joe's mom Libba giving her husband Ray a taste of her cooking.

The last image featured includes Joe peacefully playing his piano at home just before turning off the lamp below him.

5 - Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny: Love

In the game stall of Star Adventurer at the Carnival, Ducky and Bunny are discussing of who will the children love more regarding their appearances and characteristics of themselves. As they continue discussing with each other to know who would the children love more, the scene snaps into the episode's credits.

6 - Chore Day - The Incredibles Way

As Mr. Incredible helps Jack-Jack put his toys away, Jack-Jack unawarely stumbles across Dash who would help him finish his chore quicker, accidentally cutting part of a tree where a raccoon is at. In the living room, Violet is busy using her force field power to clean up the junk she has in it, sending Jack-Jack to the kitchen. Jack-Jack observes Dash cleaning the window just as Dash almost falls off, to which Elastigirl grabs him and points to a smudge that Dash should clean up to which Dash manages to clean it up.

After Violet puts the rubbish away, Mr. Incredible tells his son Dash to clean his car the Incredibile outside the Parr family's house to which later the garage, Dash uses the Incredibile's remote to move it back and forth to get the Incredibile cleaned up. Having cleaned the car, Elastigirl returns home with groceries to which after the Parr family finishes with their household chores, Mr. Incredible tries to prepare a barbecue for the family to camp to which after two failed attempts, Violet uses her force field to shield the family from the rain as Jack-Jack uses his fire power as a campfire just as the Parr family roasts marshmallows over him using his fiery ability.

7 - A Day in the Life of the Dead

In the Land of the Dead, Tíos Óscar and Felipe ride on a bike together. Elsewhere, a skeleton citizen sees a rabbit alebrije asking him to fetch a bone for it to which while fetching, several alebrijes surround him before the scene continues looping into Óscar and Felipe's bike going down a steep hill followed by a skeleton worker attempting to put a candle in a small alcove to which he manages to use his own skull to help him put the candle on it to which he suddenly falls off his ladder just as he feels satisfied of his successful attempt of putting the candle on the alcove.

Meanwhile, the Arrival Agent tries to talk with someone using his phone, but his lower jaw falls off and just as he tries to eat a piece of cake, his jaw continues to fall, to which he frustratedly puts tape to keep his jaw from falling off, to which it falls again. As Óscar and Felipe continue riding their bike downhill, their bike collects a bird alebrije, the Emcee, and a nearby skeleton passenger as the bike speeds uncontrollably just before passing through Héctor and Imelda dancing just before the bike crashes into a cart of cempasúchil marigolds, just as the twins' heads find themselves lying on the ground.

8 - Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny: Three Heads

At the Carnival, Ducky and Bunny gaze upon Bo Peep's sheep, Billy, Goat, and Gruff and upon talking to the sheep, the duo gets no response from them, finding Billy, Goat, and Gruff an unusual toy they saw the whole time due to the duo looking at the toy with three heads. All of a sudden, Billy, Goat, and Gruff leave during the middle of the duo's conversation. The episode then ends when Ducky and Bunny are worried that Billy, Goat, and Gruff have left during the conversation.

9 - Dancing with the Cars

At Flo's V8 Cafe, Lightning McQueen and Sally observe Ramone and Flo dancing together in front of Mater, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, Sarge, Lizzie, and four other forklifts. Just as Lightning and Sally arrive, they approach Mater who accidentally hits a jukebox with his hook, causing the music to change and also causing Luigi and Guido to dance to classical music and after Mater hits the jukebox, Fillmore dances in front of the crowd in solo, to which Sarge hits the jukebox again.

Four yellow forklifts wearing traffic cones on them dance together just as one of their cones gets knocked off, hitting the jukebox, causing Mater and the other cars to follow Mater himself across the main street of Radiator Springs at nighttime to dance like in a conga line. At the end of the short, Lizzie bumps into the jukebox and dances in solo while wearing a traffic cone upon changing the music.

10 - Cookie Num Num

Bob Parr sleepily wakes up and walks past his family's living room and upon seeing a cookie on a cake stand ar the kitchen, Bob attempts to eat it as a midnight snack after grabbing a carton of milk from the fridge, only to notice that his son Dash has the cookie.

Dash tries to eat it, but Bob grabs it and prevents Dash from eating it as Bob tries to eat it again, only for it to be grabbed by Violet's force field to which the three get into a fight over the cookie, much to Helen and Jack-Jack not noticing the family fighting in the kitchen. Bob attempts to eat the cookie again, but the cookie inside Violet's force field ricochets just before Violet removes the force field from the cookie. The three try to reach the cookie, but Helen catches it and eats it, much to Bob, Dash, and Violet looking at her eat the cookie.

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