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Pixar Popcorn

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Season 1

1 - To Fitness and Beyond

The short begins with Buzz Lightyear dancing in fitness style in front of a boombox, pointing to Rex attempting to do push-ups. As Buzz does sit-ups, he points to Hamm doing the same thing.

Buzz then does squats as he points to Forky who tries to copy him, followed by Buzz doing lunges with Dolly trying to keep up and Buzz doing sidesteps with Mr. Potato Head and Bitey White copying him, much to Buzz noticing this. Buzz also notices the Little Green Men and Forky attempting to copy him followed by Mr. Pricklepants reading a cookbook.

A disappointed Buzz Lightyear turns off the music in gloom, until he notices the toys in Bonnie's house exercising just what Buzz taught them just as Buzz joins everyone exercising. The short ends when the toys at Bonnie's house leap into the air with enthusiasm and joy.

2 - Unparalleled Parking

At the Cozy Cone Motel, Sheriff sets up a parking test for the cars. Guido then demonstrates how to park successfully without knocking over a half ring of cones.

Lizzie goes first, but fails her test by knocking over three cones (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its red light on it). Lightning McQueen comes up next and passes his test gallantly (as marked by the traffic light icon shining its green light on it). Chick Hicks comes up next and tries to pass like Lightning, but gets enraged after tipping one of the cones just as Chick angrily knocks over the cones, failing his test.

Ramone comes up next and tries to pass the test without knocking over the cones just as he lifts his hydraulics, followed by Luigi and Guido parking under him, causing Ramone to pass the test. Mater follows up and tiptoes to pass the test like what Lightning McQueen did to which he successfully passes it.

Suddenly, Miss Fritter passes by and speeds past the area where the cars practice without hitting any the cones just as she knocks over all the cones and the parking sign, causing her to fail the test. Lizzie comes back and Guido puts the parking sign on the spot where Miss Fritter knocked all of the cones, causing her to pass the test successfully.

3 - Dory Finding

In the ocean, Dory swims past a whistle lying down on the seabed just as she curiously examines it and becomes excited after blowing the whistle and seeing a bubble in the air, Dory pops it. All of a sudden, Dory has fun playing with the object she found while popping the bubbles she made using the whistle.

After Dory pops a huge bubble she made from the whistle, she wins away and grabs a pair of red glasses, using the object to look at a hermit crab just as she has fun seeing things while wearing glasses until a school of fish swims past her, causing her to drop her glasses and land it on the spot where the hermit crab is.