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Pixar in Real Life

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

This live action series brings iconic characters and moments from Pixar films into the real world. Filmed on location in and around New York City, the series surprises and delights real people in real locations when they least expect it.

Season 1

1 - Inside Out: Console in the Park

At a park, unsuspecting people find a control panel standing in a deserted part of a park. They examine it. This console has five new buttons in the middle: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. They control a hungry best friend in a pair of best friends, a going to college daughter in a mother and daughter, and a birthday girlfriend/wife in a couple.

2 - Finding Dory: Aquarium Escape

At the Marine Life Institute, unsuspecting people walk to a Stroller Parking. A loose octopus drives a stroller with a sippy cup containing a blue tang. As soon as they leave the area, an employee asks the unsuspecting people if they’ve seen the octopus and the blue tang somewhere.

They tell the employee about what they saw. The employee tells the people to stay put, then runs off to find the loose creatures. Later, Hank and Dory return to the area. The employee and more employees surround them, but they make a break for it, and the employees chase after them.

A woman searches in a pile of trash, where unsuspecting people approach. She tells them that she lost her wedding ring, and is worried that the truck is about to come.

After she leaves to get her gloves, WALL-E bursts out of a cardboard box, holding the ring. The unsuspecting people take the ring, then he rolls off. The woman returns with her gloves. She's surprised that they found her ring. She thanks them so much.

4 - Toy Story: Traffic Cone Rescue

At Al's Toy Barn, Al in his chicken costume shows unsuspecting people Woody in his glass box, until he gets a phone call. Later, in another side of the sidewalk, Buzz Lightyear, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and Rex hide under safety cones.

They start moving along the sidewalk. Suddenly, more unsuspecting people eye them, and the toys stop moving. When they stop looking at the cones, they start moving again. This keeps happening, until they finally reach Al's Toy Barn to rescue Woody.

Later still, Al tells his caller, Mr. Konishi, that he'll be on the next flight into Japan. He cheers, until he notices that Woody is gone. He tells yet more unsuspecting people if they know what happened.

5. Brave: Merida Visits an Archery Range

A Scottish red headed girl carries a bow & a quiver or arrows, and enters an Archery Range. She approaches the front desk and asks if this is the Archery Range. A lane is available for her. She greets her unsuspecting partners at that lane.

Suddenly, the archery instructor blows his whistle, then asks her what kind of bow she has. According to him, it's not an approved bow for this range. So she needs to shoot one that's approved for this range. She asks her partners if she may try their bow, and hold on to her's. She examine her new bow.

She tells the instructor to give her a chance. And so everyone does. The instructor announces that they're going to see if she can get three bull's eyes in a row. She get's three bull's eyes in a row. Everyone is impressed. The instructor asks her what her name is. She tells him that's it's Merida. Later, she says goodbye to everyone, then leaves.

6. Up: Russell Earns A Badge

Russell needs to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer, by earning badges. He asks unsuspecting people for each one:

  • High Five

  • Best Friend

  • Dancing

At the end of the episode, Carl Fredricksen arrives to help Russell earn his Assistant to Elderly badge.

7. Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Energy

Real People try out Monster Technology to generate electricity from Laughs & Screams.

8. The Incredibles: New York City Dash

Dash ask New Yorkers to time his run around the block, surprising them with his incredible speed.

9. Up: Balloon Cart Away

When Carl asks real New Yorkers to watch his Balloon Cart, they get an Uplifting Surprise.

10 . WALL-E: BnL Pop-up Shop

BnL opens a New York store, offering hungry customers an unexpected taste of the future.

11. Coco: Abuelita Says No Music

When Abuelita catches Miguel playing guitar in the park, he tries to change her mind through music.

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