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A kitten lives in the garbage cans behind a building in San Francisco's Mission District. While foraging for food on the streets, the kitten is offered food by a passerby but runs away, and he sleeps in a cardboard box in the garbage. One day, a pit bull is moved to a doghouse behind the building. The kitten is initially very scared of the dog but slowly begins to connect with him by playing with a bottle cap. One night, after the pit bull is taken inside the building, he ends up getting heavily injured in a fight and is thrown back outside.

The pit bull then goes to help the kitten, who gets trapped in plastic pack rings after being scared by a storm, but the frightened kitten attacks the dog upon seeing his fangs. The devastated pit bull retreats to his doghouse, where he is later joined by the regretful kitten.

The next day, the two escape the backyard just before the yard's owner can find them. Some time later, the kitten and the pit bull are playing out on the street when the kitten is found by the passerby from before, who, along with her husband, adopts both of them despite the pit bull's initial hesitance. After some time, the two animals play happily on top of a hill and join their new family to see a view of the city.

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