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Inside Pixar 1 - 3

Updated: May 24, 2021

Inspired - Collection 1

1. Inspired: Kemp Powers, Writing Something Real

Kemp Powers discusses the personal experiences that led him to write a pivotal scene in Soul

2. Inspired: Deanna Marsigliese, The Art of the Pivot

Deanna Marsigliese discusses the character creation process and the artistic detours that come with it.

3. Inspired: Steven Hunter, For That Kid

Steven Hunter describes how his past experiences influenced his SparkShorts film, 'Out'.

4. Inspired: Jessica Heidt, Who Gets All The Lines

Jessica Heidt explains the program she created to improve gender balance in Pixar.

5. Inspired: Dan Scanlon, Where Ideas Come From

Dan Scanlon takes us on a personal journey of inspiration that led to his film, Onward.


Portraits - Collection 2