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Forky Asks a Question

1 - What is Money?

Hamm tries to give Forky a lesson on how the U.S. monetary system works.

2 - What is a Friend?

Forky shares his thoughts on what makes a good friend based on his limited exposure to the world inside Bonnie's house.

3 - What is Art?

Mr. Pricklepants mentors Forky about the complexities of being an actor and the art of a convincing performance.

4 - What is Time?

Forky once again greets the audience as he walks along with Old Timer (a toy clock that’s one of Bonnie’s baby toys). He asks the audience what is time. To help him, he introduces a toy who knows a lot about that: Rex (leaving a shocked Old Timer in the dust). The spork begins booing the dinosaur. When Rex asks why is he doing so, Forky simply says he doesn’t know, then proceeds to ask Rex the main question about time. Rex explains that “Now is now, stuff happens, then it’s later.”, much to the spork’s delight.

Rex further explains that time can be the future or past. He uses dinosaurs roaming the Earth in the past as an example and says his kind, the tyrannosaurus rex, was known as the King of the Dinosaurs. He wishes he could have seen it. Forky asks what did the T-Rex eat, and Rex says they ate creatures from the Cretaceous period, such as Sauropods and Triceratops. Forky, at first, is impressed, but soon repeats the same question on what they ate. A confused Rex is about to repeat it but is soon interrupted when Forky asks if they ate with sporks. Rex explains that sporks weren’t invented since it was 65 million years ago, shocking Forky. Rex further explains that real dinosaurs ate with dagger-like teeth, before sadly saying the asteroid made them extinct shortly after.

Forky is confused and believes he said, “Your hemorrhoid was a stink”. The dinosaur corrects him and says it was an asteroid, elaborating that it’s a giant ball that bounces on the Earth and wreaks havoc. Forky then grabs a small Pixar Ball and repeatedly smacks Rex with it on the nose, playfully impersonating an asteroid bouncing on the Earth. Rex tries to explain the actual impact on the asteroid collision, but Forky is too busy laughing as he continues smacking him with the ball, saying asteroids are fun.

He then accidentally knocks Rex to the floor, but Rex sighs in defeat, saying that the asteroid always wins and the whole thing is depressing. Forky slowly scoots up next to him on the floor and says that while it may be inappropriate, he still repeats his question on what is time. Rex says time is a way to be forgotten since all the real dinosaurs are gone (with the exception of the millions of birds around the planet). Forky thinks for a minute and stands up. He tells Rex that while the future and the past sound great, he thinks he likes the now since he gets to spend time with him.

Rex tells him that’s so nice and thanks him. This causes the dinosaur to stand up with his confidence back and tells Forky that there are other toy dinosaurs in Bonnie’s room right now and whispers that he saw a “particularly tasty-looking sauropod” on the other side of the room. Forky says that sounds awful, but he tells him that he has a spork if he needs one, to which Rex says he thinks he does. He picks up the spork and roars that he is the terrible King of the Dinosaurs, with Forky yelling, “Here comes the hemorrhoid!” After the end-credits, the pair are then seen roaring and chasing after a confused wooden Sauropod toy on wheels.

5 - What is Love?

Forky attempts to understand the concept of love from Bonnie's elder toys who believe they've been there, done that.

6 - What is a Computer?

Trixie shows Forky what a computer is.

7- What is a Leader?

As Forky watches a tiny robot lead a conga line full of Little People, Forky asks the question of what is a leader. Dolly quickly runs over and asks if she heard someone ask about a leader. Forky zips around and yells her name, startling her but still saying hello to Forky. The spork waddles over to her and asks what is a leader.

Dolly slightly boasts how she sees why Forky would ask her that question since she is formerly the leader of Bonnie's toys but insists that she's not bragging. Forky once again asks what a leader, to which Dolly says she's getting to it. She explains that a leader, herself, takes control and makes decisions for everybody, impressing Forky. She further explains a leader decides what the best thing is to do. She says sometimes she'll make the right decision, but sometimes not, which Forky agrees. But Dolly uses the phrase "That's just how the cookie crumbles".

Forky laughs and asks what that means, to which Dolly kindly explains that "Sometimes you can't predict whether or not . . .", but Forky finishes her sentence by saying, "The cookie is gonna crumble!" Dolly is about to congratulate him, but the robot returns with his conga line and dances to the upbeat music, much to her confusion. Forky says the phrase once again and says it's so fun to say. He then proclaims he will say nothing else but that for the rest of the day. Dolly tries to convince Forky to get back to what they were talking about, but Forky says, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles."

Dolly calls him cute and tries to get back on topic, but Forky once again says, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles.", causing Dolly to sigh in annoyance. The robot is about to return once again, but Dolly whips her head around and glares at him, causing the music to stop and the robot to slowly back away. Dolly once again tries to get back on topic, but Forky interrupts each word she says with, "That's just the way the cookie crumbles."

8 - What is a Pet?

Forky meets Rib Tickles and finds her charming and pleasant, only to be schooled by Rib on the dangers of law enforcement.

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