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Dad (portrayed by Bobby Rubio) is playing with his newborn son Alex (portrayed by Eli Fucile) in the front yard of his house. While showing him a dandelion, Alex proceeds to float, surprising Dad. Watchful eyes begin to concern him as he grabs Alex and brings him back inside the house. Now 4 years old, Alex (portrayed by Luna Watson) continues floating all over the darkened house as Dad has become a hermit with a disheveled appearance. He keeps his son on a leash and stuffs his backpack with rocks to keep him down, although these precautions are later shown to not do much. They leave the house while trying to avoid the neighbors.

Dad pauses in front of a playground and watches the other kids play, but he turns to see that Alex has escaped and is interacting with the other children by floating, much to their overall confusion. Dad hurriedly grabs his son who begins to have a temper tantrum, resulting in Dad asking his son why he can't just be normal (the only moment of dialogue in the film). Alex grounds himself and sadly pulls his hood over his head. As he looks at all the park attendees, Dad, having answered his own question, cradles his son and sits on the swing set. He begins to swing back and forth, reinvigorating his son, and launches him in the air. Alex continues to fly as Dad happily runs around underneath him.

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