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It's Tough to Be a Bug! and Bountiful Valley Farm were original attractions at Disney California Adventure when the park opened on February 8, 2001; both were originally part of the sprawling "Golden State" area. The park suffered from low attendance in its early years, partially attributed to the lack of rides appropriate for young children and the low proportion of E ticket attractions to stores and restaurants.

In response, Disney announced it would concurrently build The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – a recreation of an attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios – in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot; and Flik's Fun Fair – a collection of four rides and a water play area geared towards children and themed to the movie A Bug's Life – adjacent to the existing It's Tough to Be a Bug! theater. The fictional backstory for Flik's Fun Fair holds that Flik and the other bugs were inspired to create their own fun fair when Disney's California Adventure opened next door to them.

When the Imagineers set out to build The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, they discovered the bugs in the garden and decided to open up Flik's fair to park guests.

Flik's Fun Fair opened on October 7, 2002, and became part of A Bug's Land, the new name for the collection of A Bug's Life-related attractions. Concurrently, Its Tough to Be a Bug! and Bountiful Valley Farm were transferred from Golden State to A Bug's Land, and the area's only store was re-themed with more focus on the film's characters.

In 2010, Bountiful Valley Farm as well as the area's shops and restaurants were closed and demolished; their site is now part of Cars Land, which opened on June 15, 2012. With the construction of Cars Land, two new entrances from Hollywood Land and Cars Land to the Flik's Fun Fair area were opened; the area originally had one entrance.

On March 20, 2018, it was announced that A Bug's Land would close permanently, as the land will be the site for Avengers Campus. It's Tough to Be a Bug! closed on March 19, 2018, while the remainder of the land closed on September 4, 2018.


Flik's Flyers

Flik's Flyers was a spinner ride at "Flik's Fun Fair" inside A Bug's Land at Disney California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Guests rode in Flik's bug-made contraption fashioned from man-made objects. The vehicles appeared to have been fashioned from used food containers and have been stitched together by leaves and twigs to become “balloons” that whirled around a pie plate centerpiece.

Whirring, cranking gears are heard as they leave the ground. The attraction provided guests with a view of Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!. Flik's Flyers was similar to Blowfish Balloon Race at Tokyo DisneySea.

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